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    Born: Abdera, Thrace
    Contribution: Existence of indivisible atoms
    Theory: All matter is composed of too small to be seen atoms, and can NOT be made smaller; There exists empty space between atoms; Atoms are completely solid; Atoms are homogeneous, with no internal structure; Atoms differ in size, shape, and weight.
    Source: Work of Parmenides and Zeno
    Interesting Facts: Disliked by Plato,
  • John Dalton

    Born: Eaglesfield, England
    Contribution: Atomic weights
    Theory: (1803) Elements are composed of tiny particles called atoms; All atoms of a given element are identical; The atoms of elements are different from each other and different elements have different weights; Atoms can combine to form chemical compounds; Atoms cannot be created or destroyed
    Source: Researches on ethylene and methane or by analysis of nitrous oxide
    Interesting Facts: Colorblindness, Gas laws, Meteorology
  • JJ Thompson

    Born: Manchester, England
    Contribution: (1889) Electron
    Theory: "Plum Pudding" Electrons were floating around in a mass of positive charge to make an electrically neutral atom
    Source: Cathode Rays
    Interesting Facts: He earned a total of eight awards
  • Ernest Rutherford

    Born: Hornchurch, England
    Contribution: Alpha Particles, Plum Pudding Wrong
    Theory: Atoms have a nucleus containing the positive charge and most of the atom's mass; The atom consists of mostly empty space; Electrons are attracted to the nucleus, but remain far outside it
    Source: Gold Foil Experiment
    Interesting Facts: He and I were both born on Aug 30, Has an element named after him, Earned eleven awards
  • Niels Bohr

    Born: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Contribution: Structure of Atoms
    Theory: Atom is a nucleus with electrons orbiting around it at specific distances
    Source: Rydberg, Rutherford
    Interesting Facts: He had six sons, two of which died early
  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Born: Vienna, Austria
    Contribution: Wave Mechanics
    Theory: Viewed electrons as continuous clouds
    Source: Einstien
    Interesting Facts: Hitler was born in Vienna as well, Schrodingers Cat
  • James Chadwick

    Born: Bollington, United Kingdom
    Contribution: Neutron
    Theory: Using alpha particles discovered a neutral atomic particle with a mass close to a proton
    Source: Alpha Particles, Rutherford
    Interesting Facts: Alive during WW1, POW 1913-1918