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  • Humans Flying

    Humans Flying
    Wright Bros got the first plane at Kitty Hawk NC. We're moving on up in the world
  • Rockefeller Health Foundation in the South

    Rockefeller Health Foundation in the South
    Wiped out hookworm by the 1920s
  • Bolshevik Rev

    Bolshevik Rev
    started Ams fear for red Russia
  • Wall St Bombing

    Wall St Bombing
    38 dead and 141 injured. Started the end of the red scare.
  • Hooded Hoodrats of the KKK

    Hooded Hoodrats of the KKK
    New KKK spawned by the post war reaction. A lot of political influence and got a lot of followers.
  • Monkey Business in Tennessee

    Monkey Business in Tennessee
    In the 20s education leaped forward (idk why it's called this)
  • Unfriendly Fire

    Unfriendly Fire
    Science and education were honestly feeling so attacked right now by fundalmentalists.
  • Presidential Election

    Presidential Election
    Republicans nominated Warren Harding and democrats nominated James Cox, Harding won. Harding later died so Clavin Coolidge became president.
  • Cars

    machinery were the new messiah and the car was its primary profit
  • Presidental Election

    Presidental Election
    Calvin Coolidge was re-running and the democrast nominated John Davis. There was another political party this year, Progressive Party, who nominated Robert La Follette. Coolidge won.
  • Radio

    Made long distance program broadcasting possible
  • 1st Sound Movie

    1st Sound Movie
    "The Jazz Singer"
  • Presidential Election

    Presidential Election
    reps=Herbert Hoover
    demos=Al Smith
    reps were credited with the booming economy so they got more votes, Hoover won.
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    The stock market in America crashed on this date which sparked the whole world's economy to crash greatly. This is the lowest the economy has ever dropped which devasted everyone worldwide.
  • The Jazz Age

    The Jazz Age
    Jazz became popular in the 1920s, flappers became a thing and some old people were outraged by the new level of PDA happening. End with the Great Depression in the 1930s
  • Period: to

    Am life in the Roaring 20s to The Pol of Boom and Bust

    this is just the title of these 2 chapters
  • Period: to

    Red Scare

    Ppl scared of communism taking over Am gov so they all freaked out. It affected the whole nation socially, politically and economically.
  • Period: to

    Immigration Nation

    800,000 new peeps came to turn up in America with hard ass Harding
  • Period: to

    The Golden Age of Gangstas

    500 ganstas were killed in Chigaco gang fights. 1925="Scarface" Al Capone, the OG gangsta. He did 6 years of gang warfare which got him racks on racks