Cameroon Project

Timeline created by ewb-gt
  • First Assessment Trip

    First Assessment Trip
    The first assessment trip of the Cameroon Project was conducted in order to collect the data necessary for developing a solution to the community's water problems and to get to know the community.
  • Second Assessment Trip

    Second Assessment Trip
    The second assessment trip was conducted with 4 goals in mind: map the village, test the water quality around the village, analyze the current system for possible fixes during the trip, and present ideas for the implementation of the new system to the village.
  • First Pre-Implementation Trip

    First Pre-Implementation Trip
    The first pre-implementation trip had 4 goals: supervise the drilling of a bedrock well, survey the layout of the distribution system, price the components, and finish the memorandum of understanding with the community. A test well was dug and found to be viable so a hand pump was installed with the intent of replacing it with a solar powered pump in the future.
  • First Implementation Trip

    First Implementation Trip
    During the first implementation trip, the Cameroon project constructed a storage tank next to the well and laid the distribution system. The tank foundation was laid and the walls were constructed while a local contractor completed the roof. All the piping was laid during this implementation trip. Also, the stand-taps were constructed so that water could be distributed through the community. A well yield test was also performed to determine the maximum possible pumping rate.
  • Second Implementation Trip

    Second Implementation Trip
    The second implementation trip was to construct the solar panel array, install the electric pump, complete the wiring and piping, and connect and test the entire system. The hand pump that was previously installed was removed and replaced with a solar pump. The rack for the solar panels was also constructed during this trip.
  • Third Assessment Trip

    Third Assessment Trip
    Right after the implementation of the solar pump, it was discovered that the well was not producing enough water to sustain the community. Due to an error with the drilling, the well was not dug to the proper depth and thus, the size of the well was not adequate for the needs of the community. This assessment trip was conducted to gather more data and determine any other issues with the entire system. It was concluded that a new well of a deeper depth needed to be dug.
  • Third Implementation Trip

    Third Implementation Trip
    The latest implementation trip was conducted in order to dig a new well of the correct depth. This new well is currently 70 meters deep and is located 3 meters from the old well. Currently there is no pump in either well so the next step will be to go back to the community and install a new solar pump and more solar panels to the entire system.
  • Last Implementation Trip;

    This was the final implementation trip. A solar pump was added to the well for easier acesses to water. In order to power the pump, 5 extra solar panels were installed bringing the total number of solar panels to 10. Everything was connected to the new well befpre leaving.