Briannaville's American Civics

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In History
  • The Split Up

    Briannaville was having a problem with another country so we agreed to split it up to keep the peace. I was chosen to govern one part.
  • Briannaville Becoming a Democratic Government

    I will be teaching my new citizens about a democracy so that they know what they are going to be apart of. If citizens don't like the democracy idea they can move if they please.
  • Establish Laws and Citizen Rights

    I will begin establishing laws and citizens rights based on any problems we've had and what the citizens feel like they deserve.
  • Decrease in Citizens

    After laws and rights were established some citizens decided they didn't want to be apart of a democracy anymore. More than 2,000 citizens left.
  • Making Briannaville Better

    Once we had a total number of citizens I started rebuilding cities. We put in schools, public libraries, and parks in each city so that our citizens could have the best life possible.