Augusto pinochet

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  • birth

    Born November 25, 1915 at Valparaiso, Chile. His parents were Augusto Pinochet Vera and Avelina Ugarte Martinez. His kids names are Augusto Osvaldo PInochet and one of his doteres was Lucia Pinochet.
  • The army

    The army
    He joined the Chilean army in 1935. He was a General in the army. He ruled Chile.
  • kids

    His kids names were Augusto Osvaldo Pinochet, Jacqueline Marie Pinochet, Lucía Pinochet, Marco Antonio Pinochet, María Verónica Pinochet. He pratised Catholicism. Throughout his brutal military dictatorship, more than 3,200 people are thought to have been killed or disappeared and more than 28,000 are estimated to have been tortured by his forces.
  • leader

    He led the military coup Overthrowing the Allende government in 1973. And in In October 1998 he became the centre of international attention when he was arrested in London. And at the beginning of 2000 Pinochet remained under house arrest in the UK.
  • overthrew the goverment

    overthrew the goverment
    Salvador Allende becomes world's first democratically elected Marxist president. On 11 September 1973, a successful coup led by General Augusto Pinochet overthrew the government of Allende.December 17, 1974 – March 11, 1990.
  • Chief

    Pinochet dies with about 300 criminal charges still pending against him. In Chile for numerous human rights violations, tax evasion ]nd embezzlement during his 17-year rule and afterwards. Chilean general, politician and the dictator of Chile between 1973 and 1990 who remained the Commander-in-Chief
  • president

    Eduardo Frei succeeds Aylwin as president and begins to reduce the military's influence in government. Pinochet assumed power in Chile. He also ended civilian rule. He was in power for 25 years.
  • Human rights

    Human rights
    indicted for human rights violations committed in his native Chile by Spanish magistrate Baltasar Garzón on 10 October 1998. He was Arrested in london 6 days later and held for a year and a half and released in march 2000. They had to strip him down to make sure he did not have anything on him.
  • health, jail

    health, jail
    British Home Secretary Jack Straw decides that Gen Pinochet is not fit to be extradited. Gen Pinochet returns to Chile. Chilean courts strip Gen Pinochet of his immunity from prosecution several times, but attempts to make him stand trial for alleged human rights offences fail, with judges usually citing concerns over the general's health.
  • worth

    He has a net worth 28 million. The place of death was Santiago. Augusto pinochet died at the age of 91 year 2006.