a million little pieces by james frey

Timeline created by sahara91
  • wakes up on airplane

    wakes up on an airplane confused and lost. his parents pick him up and tell him he is being put into a rehabilitation center
  • begining of getting help

    he gets new teeth and undergoes without drugs. and a girl he met named lily likes his new teeth
  • giving up

    he decides after hearing any drugs or alcohol will kill him he is going to run away and die. but his new friend Leonard follows him outside and convinces him other wise.
  • friends

    James friend and brother come to see ho he is doing and it makes him feel good. they all meet lily and her grandmother. and this is where lily talks to James on the phone for the first time. And he decides to stay
  • new room and friend

    James talks to someone and they give him a 12 step process of how he will get better and what he can do to get better. he makes a new friend matte and he also gets a new room
  • more about leonard

    he starts to learn more about Leonard and his past nd becomes closer to him as a friend. he also receives his workbook to become clean. and starts to meet lily in the forest to talk
  • family program

    james parents hear that there is a family program and decided that they want to take part in it. and james isn't happy about it and gets mad
  • him and lily

    him and lily are still meeting up and still talking and James tells her about the time he fell in love but his parents show up at the facility and they cant see each other as much anymore
  • family progam starts

    the program starts and it goes better ten how he thought it would
  • criinal charges

    the progress with his parents is getting better and he finds out he got all his sentences to 3 months total
  • in love with lily

    james and lily fall in love with each other and james parent have to leave. a member in the unit tells james about lily's past
  • lily leaving

    lily finds out bad news and leaves the facility but james follows her to save her and finds her in a crack house doing crack with an old man but james saves her and takes her back the medical unit
  • leonard leaving

    james prepares to talk to the priest and what to say to him. leonard is leaving the unit and buys all the men a feast to celebrate his departure.
  • james prepares to leave

    james is getting his stuff together to leave the unit, and leonard asks him to be his son and how he has paid for lilys treatment at the facility to help out.
  • talking to the priest

    james tells the priest everything he has kept in the no one knows. and he feels so much better after that
  • leaving

    james leaves the facility and they go to a bar and orders a drink to prove to himself he doesn't need to and wont do it again