3-D printing timeline

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  • Invention of 3-D printing

    Charles Hull invented the first form of 3-D Printing
  • Stereolithography is invented

    Charles Hull invents the term Stereolithography.
  • Invention of the 3-D Printer

    The first 3-D printer is created.
  • First 3-D printed organ.

    The first 3-D printed bladder was created.
  • First working kidney is printed

    The first working kidney was printed that had the ability to filter blood.
  • Multiple materials were used

    Scientists were able to use multiple materials to print in 3-D
  • First 3-D printed leg is made

    The verry first working 3-D leg was made
  • 3-D printed blood vessels

    scientists were able to create 3-D printed blood vessels.
  • 3-D printed gold

    People weree able to print a golden ring using a 30D printer and were starting to think about printing in silver.
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    3-D Printing Timeline